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Interview with Rohit Bafna Web Vision, May 9th, 1997
Rohit Bafna, is the president of CyberAds Studio, an Internet web-presence provider. He returned from the United States in 1995, after his graduation in computer science. Young and dynamic, his visions on how Indian corporate bodies must view the net platform have become a rage. In his opinion a successful web site design is more of a publishing concern than mere programming. Innovative ideas and the use of the latest technological plugins have helped him bring web pages to life. In an exclusive interview with Nishith Takia,editor of Express Computer, Rohit explains his companyís role and outlines his personal views on the Indian website development business.

What prompted you to enter the website development business? what are itís advantages?
As foreign invasion and multinational products seek importance in India, itís time for our companies big or small to venture out globally. Customer service has now began to assume greater importance in India. When VSNL, introduced Internet into India, gates opened for our corporate and small scale industries to showcase themselves. The excitement in putting together the very best of corporate on a worldwide platform was the sole reason in starting CyberAds Studio.

In the march towards Indian economic liberalization, CyberAds Studio is ideally poised to act as a catalyst linking India to the world. Millions are surfing the web and the numbers are growing exponentially. It is definitely the most powerful communication tool ever created. A website address on a personís vising card says a a lot about the said person. It allows the recipient of the visiting card, to learn more about the given person, his company as well as his entire product range. Every smart businessman knows that it is not who you know but how much you know. Information and easy access to it is the key for the future.

What distinguishes CyberAds Studio from other website development companies?
CyberAds Studio uses the latest techniques in HTML programming with innovative creative writing skills. We are also capable of intricate CGI and JAVA scripting, shockwave, VRML, real audio and video. Using a secure commerce server, we can set up virtual shops and showrooms to enable Internet commerce. After creating the site, we also train the corporate clients and their employees on how best to use the site.

At CyberAds Studio, we realize that a surferís time on the web is very important. Hence all our graphics are crisp and small in size. We constantly work on a page to make it faster and easier to download. We believe in creating sites which convey the exact essence of the particular corporate body. For example, for our client Skypak Service Specialists Ltd -a leading domestic courier company , we have put up a customer service chat line on their site located at This has also greatly reduced the inter-office communications costs. While on the Spear Art Gallery, we designed a slide show presentation. This page could make a surfer see the entire site without moving pages on his own. This way we are constantly creating exciting and innovative websites for a number of other clients.

How do you view the market for your services?
The market for our services include large corporate bodies, motion picture houses, publishers of the print medium, professionals etc. As subscribers at VSNL increase, we see a tremendous acceptance of the net platform in the country. In fact our booklet titled ďReasons why an Indian business should be on the netĒ has gone into several reprints. Should you require a copy of the same, please do not hesitate to send me a mail. CyberAds Studio, is primarily a designer of individual name sites ( We make corporate as well as entertainment sites that stand apart from others.

For large corporations, CyberAds Studio is a better answer as they then possess their own name on the net as well as on their e-mail account. This counts a great deal, as it would be very hard for one to remember a personís VSNL or GEMS 400 based e-mail address compared to the shorter address given by us like

Is the country ready to adopt the net culture?
India definitely needs to develop an awareness for the web. This cannot happen immediately, but I hope it happens by the turn of the century. The web if exploited properly could bring India and itís creative mindset in the world wide limelight. Today, a number of companies have sites beginning with the word India. Though, it is not bad to associate one with oneís motherland, I strongly feel that when one is on the net a person need not be tied down with geographical boundaries. The world is one on the net. Itís time sites come up with general names and give the worldwide webmasters a run for their money.

Children need to use the Internet relay chat lines as well as e-mail more than they use the telephones. This will definitely broaden their vision for the future. Also, some corporate bodies must come forward and sponsor for children who cannot afford to surf on the net. There is a tremendous dearth of local libraries in the country where one can research, but if civic centers can have Internet access, then our researchers will be tremendously benefited.

Can Internet commerce be a reality on the net in India?
Of course. The advantages to Internet commerce are vast and exciting. Firstly, as the product does not sit on any storefront or occupies any shelf space, itís marketing cost can be considerably reduced. Further, this medium offers convenience to the shopper. If one only feels like browsing through, then CyberAds Studio can present him a brochure to be downloaded before he leaves the site. Products can sing and dance, and can be shown live in action using real video. For Videocon as well as Skypakís expressions service we have launched such shops on the net.

What is CyberAds Studioís role in promoting a site after it has been launched? We make tasteful postings on relevant newsgroups and even set up press releases and arrange press conferences. Finally we also provide a monthly statistics report to our client whereby he can analyze the trends of the visitors at the site.

Globally, which are the top priority projects for CyberAds Studio?
CyberAds Studio is presently in the corporate, entertainment as well as the educational sectors. We have a large number of clients in India and abroad. In India, Skypak at, Ramrao Adik Schools, The Padmashree Dr. D.Y. Patil Group, Garware Patil Integrated Cats,K.K. Group, Property Guards, Videocon, Spear Art Gallery, Taj Group of Hotels, and more stand by our webmastering. Internationally, Kent Cigarettes of UK, as well as Biocore Inc. of USA have had their entire sites designed by us. There are also several bignames from the Indian motion picture industry, whose, websites are under development with us.